Stella’s Blog – 23rd October 2015

I have met with the builder again and we’re nearly there with the final costings – a few things we have had to consider… mainly access to the village – the mud road is so narrow and rutted its impossible to get there by car and in places its too narrow for a truck. (the desks are being delivered by Ox cart!) but for the heavy trucks to bring in concrete and other supplies we need to build up the road – we also need to build up the ground where the workshop will be due to flooding throughout the village during the rainy season…

So anyway I think we now have a plan and some of the slightly better off villagers close to the school (who will benefit from the improved road will make a contribution as well (its not a lot in the big scheme – about $40 but its important they don’t see me and think I will solve all problems as a rich westerner. I have explained its not my money and I have to justify any cost… It’s also important the village take some ownership because of course in the future the whole project, school and everything needs to be sustainable.

The budget for the sewing workshop is still £5000. This includes the kitting out, installing power and all materials. (In the future I would like to switch to solar power as this is just starting to catch on in Cambodia and electricity is expensive and unreliable…)

I have attached a quote for the whole building which will include the extra bit for a library and storeroom which will come out of the main donations. Once I have agreed the price for the whole I will work out the cost per square metre and will then have to add in the cost to do up the road and then the misc costs for power, materials, tables etc.

At the moment as you can see there are a couple of figures in red which I am yet to agree, the rest I have had checked out by a couple of friendly builders and they agree the prices for the materials are correct, just the roof needs clarifying and the labour seems a little high… while I want to bet a good price I don’t want to bully them into the lowest possible price either…

The builder is in the red shirt discussing the construction design with Kimsan and Teacher Bora (in white). As I may have mentioned, wood is now the same price as steel due to all logging rights being sold to China. 🙁

All best for now 

Materials and Building cost

No Description Number Unit Price ($) Total Price ($)
1 Big steel (to put in the post with size 12 Li) 60 6.75 405
2 Cement ( 7 tons) 140 bags 5 700
3 Small steel 100 1.5 150
4 Brick 14000 blocks 0.045 630
5 Air brick 180 blocks 0.325 58.5
6 Small wood 50 0.875 43.75
7 Window (9m square) 9 m squares 45 405
8 Small door 1 88 88
9 Big door 2 113 226
10 Sand 45 cube 10 450
11 Big stone 20 cube 10 200
12 Small stone 10 cube 20 200
13 Wire 2 kg 25
14 Nail 25
15 Red earth ( for the road) 20 trucks 16.25 325
16 Floor tile 67 cases 5 335
17 White paint 2 tins 30 60
18 Colour paint 3 tins 45 135
19 Steel roof 150 m squares 13 1950
20 Labor cost 2500
Total cost 8911.25