Stella’s Blog – 18th February 2016

The school has been open for just over a year – what started as an idea to help 20 of the most needy children in the village very rapidly became 80 and now we have 160! Yes, we have just taken another 80 students which still is not all the village children but it’s the vast majority of 8 – 15 year olds who are not employed in full time work, and therefore available to attend.

In the future we hope children will be given an education before employment, but these things take time and at least we can work with the students we have to help them and their families to a better life.

The new students are settling in well and are currently learning the alphabet and counting to 100 as well as getting used to writing the alphabet in English. This is harder then you may think because Cambodian script is very different, but also a large number of the children are completely illiterate, so it is a very daunting task for them.

Meanwhile the sewing workshop is coming along slowly but surely. This week it was painted white on the inside and yellow and blue on the outside – I think you’ll agree its very handsome! The next phase is the floor tiles and then the electrics. Yesterday I discussed the needs and wants we will have for power and the merits of solar panels. It is cheaper to install here than the UK but still more expensive than a standard power supply, so for now we will have to stay on the grid and perhaps in the future we will have enough funding for solar power.