Stella’s Blog – 15th January 2016

Here are some pics of one of the villages we’ve been looking at… It is top of the list at the mo but as I said before it will take time to find the perfect place because we will have to buy the land and negotiating the price, gain permission from the village chief and district chief.


If we don’t buy the land there’s a high chance of the landlord not renewing the lease once he see’s the buildings going up… it happens all the time here,


Pics show the entrance to the village and then some of the properties as you can see its a farming community and one of the main problems with it is its such a long way from the public school so the kids can’t get there. On top of this is the cost of uniforms, a bike for transport, having to cycle along a very dangerous, fast road which is the only road to Thailand (lot of over loaded lorries and fast cars and then the time spared for school, so a very high percentage of kids don’t get an education and if they do they rarely go after the age of 11.