Koh Ker School Uniforms

By purchasing your school uniform from School Uniform Shop you are helping to support the charity Ponheary Ly Foundation who support over 2,800 students across rural Cambodia.

For children living in Cambodia having a school uniform is so much more than what it seems. For most children around the world, wearing a school uniform can seem like a chore but for children in Cambodia they are unable to attend school unless they have a school uniform, so for them it is so much more than just something to wear. It represents an opportunity to get an education to have a better life for themselves and their families.

Many families in Cambodia will choose one child to attend school and rely on that one child to come home and teach their siblings. The Ponheary Ly Foundation supply every child at Koh Ker School with the supplies they need to attend school, with the hope that eventually every child in the village of Koh Ker will be able to attend. The cost of uniform and supplies is $20 per student but unfortunately this is out of reach for most Cambodian families who live in rural poverty engaged in subsistence farming with too many children at home.

In these photos you can see just how proud and excited these children are to be receiving their school uniform.

Ponheary Ly Foundation currently supports 2,800 students at 6 locations and provides these students with school uniforms every year.